How to solve common issues holding manuscripts back- Part 1

By Tiffany Medina, PR Assistant, SAGE Publishing— Follow @_TiffMedina

Have you ever been puzzled by reviewers’ and/or editors’ concerns over your article’s methodology or statistical analysis?

In honor of Peer Review Week, we’re pleased to announce our new four-part blog series How to solve common issues holding manuscripts back, based on research from the Organizational Research Methods article Getting Through the Gate: Statistical and Methodological Issues Raised in the Reviewing Process, by authors Jennifer P. Green, Scott Tonidandel, and Jose M. Cortina.

In our first installment, we focus on frequently reported issues related to Introduction sections.


This chart represents feedback from 304 editors’ and reviewers’ letters for 69 manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Business and Psychology. Since it’s typical for reviewers and editors to serve more than one journal, this feedback likely reflects the thoughts of reviewers and editors from other journals. This chart also relates their feedback to current debates and best practices from the literature. Click here for more information.

Keep this chart in mind the next time you’re submitting research or even reviewing research, as you can also use this chart to improve on the quality of your own feedback.

Our next installment will address issues related to study design. Check back soon for more helpful information on getting your manuscript, and those you’re reviewing for your peers, through the gate.

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