Methods in Action: Gary King on Big Data and Big Analysis

IMG_1247In an era of big – and bigger – data, come big opportunities, that is, as long as researchers can capture it, interpret it, and analyze it to give it meaning.

Advancing these conversations on methods and the impact of big data, SAGE Publishing and CQ Press held a lecture on Capitol Hill titled, “The Big Deal about Big Data,” a lecture by Gary King, director of the Institute for Quantitative Social Science (IQSS) at Harvard University.  The event was cosponsored by the American Political Science Association and the American Statistical Association. You can watch the lecture below.

Big data brings the possibility of change—and even reinvention—for the social sciences. By making use of big data’s insights, King says, “We would all live longer, healthier, happier lives — and most of the issues that members of Congress care about are actually the issues that social scientists want to study.” SAGE Publishing is committed to supporting researchers during this critical time, encouraging debate, and increasing knowledge in the area.  To keep up with the latest news in research methods, follow our monthly blog series and visit MethodSpace, the convening place for the research methods community.


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