Free access to 940 SAGE journals and 1.5 million articles throughout April!

Once again, we’re delighted to announce the start of a global trial for SAGE journals running throughout April! This year you will be able to access 940 journals and 1.5 million articles: enough to satisfy all your research and reading needs!

SAGE is the world’s 5th largest journals publisher and our journal portfolio spans the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Science, Technology, and Medicine. Whether you’re a librarian, faculty member, researcher, student, or just someone who is passionate about scholarship and curious about our journals portfolio, this trial offers comprehensive access to all journals content across the SAGE Journals.

The free trial is running from 1st-30th April, 2016- to register and find out more please click here.

We are excited for you to experience and explore the fascinating range of research that our journals publish.  Happy researching everyone!


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