Editor Ronald H. Chilcote on expanding the digital presence of an academic journal

With a revamped website and increased social media engagement, Latin American Perspectives marked 47 years of circulating discussion and debate on the political economy of capitalism, imperialism and socialism in the Americas. Intrigued by these digital innovations, we reached out to Managing Editor Ronald H. Chilcote to learn more about the journal’s evolving online presence.

CaptureCan you give us any insight about your journal’s social media content strategy? How will the journal use social media in unexpected ways?

Over the years we have concentrated on quality of content and also ensuring broad distribution of the journal throughout Latin America. Distribution is now everywhere, especially into institutions where there is free access to the journal for academics, students and others. Our desire is to bring more of those people to our journal content and to become familiar with what we do and its usefulness for Latin American scholars and students. Of course, we also are pushing out worldwide, especially in the US and in Europe.

With your website re-design and expansion into social media, what outcomes do you hope to see for the journal and its research interest?

We wish for closer ties to scholars and the academic world in Latin America, in South America as well as Mexico and Central America and the Caribbean.

What are some other new or exciting things LAP readers can look forward to in 2015?

We have published two important issues on Argentina and its changes since the turn of the century, another issue on collective memory, a theme of great interest, and the July issue looks at dualities of thought and activity in Latin America as a whole. The September issue is focused on environmental violence in Mexico, and November on China and its relations with Latin America.  Early in 2016 we will publish an issue on Ecuador and its progressive government and changes as well as a provocative issue on the State and Brazil.

Latin American Perspectives publishes primarily in English, and its related blog and social media posts appear in English, Spanish or Portuguese. Click here for more information on the blog, here for the journal’s Twitter page and here for its Facebook page.

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