Introducing “Connecting with the Community,” our new interview blog series

Sage 50th Anniversary eventsWe’re delighted to introduce our new blog series, Connecting with the Community, a collection of interviews with industry experts and forward-thinking minds on topics such as discoverability, research methods, librarianship, tips for writing and researching, the peer review process and much more. This ongoing series of interviews between SAGE employees and librarians, book authors, researchers, editors, and other friends from outside of SAGE will be published here as blog posts, beginning later this week.

We’re excited about this series for many reasons. First and foremost, the value of high-quality, curated information cannot be understated and is a result of a myriad of informed img1voices. The work we publish has been shaped by feedback from partners and ongoing conversations with industry leaders. We’re thrilled to offer another platform for them to impart their wisdom, show off their skillsets, and share opinions on today’s most pressing issues.


Second, we love providing our readers with new ideas and content they can use, such as webinar recordings, slides, resources and tips. Likewise, the content in this series will be directly relevant to various roles, and – we hope – will provide practical insight to help our readers achieve their own goals.

Third, we hope that sharing thes8576618657_8d635f43cb_oe cross-sectional conversations and provocative ideas will result in meaningful collaborations within the scholarly community. As always, we look forward to learning from our friends and the new connections ahead and we welcome your feedback along the way.

Don’t miss our first post, Connecting with the Community: Angie Thorpe on the Discovery Experience, available here.

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