Meeting the Realities of Discoverability Head-on!


Roger Schonfeld (3)By, Lettie Conrad, Executive Manager of Product Analysis at SAGE.

In their latest issue brief, published March 26, 2015, ITHAKA S+R present some very poignant conclusions about the researcher experience in the discovery and usage of scholarly publication. Roger C. Schonfeld, ITHAKA’s Program Director, Libraries, Users, and Scholarly Practices, summarizes in refreshingly clear and direct language the complex realities for researchers in finding and accessing academic materials. Making the complexities of discoverability and delivery of e-resources comprehensible and approachable has become a Schonfeld hallmark!

In this latest contribution to our collective intelligence of the researcher experience, Schonfeld boils it all down to seven key points:

  1. The library is not the starting point
  2. The campus is not the work location
  3. The proxy is not the answer
  4. The index is not current
  5. The PC is not the device
  6. User accounts are not well implemented
  7. Failure is not inevitable

SAGE has recognized and is adapting to these realities with dedication to standards formation initiatives, a deep understanding the researcher experience[i], and agile responses to library priorities for enabling discoverability of our content. We optimize our products to fit smoothly into common researcher workflows and integrate with as wide a range of library systems and academic tools as is feasible. A focus on researcher realities has influenced the designs of our products and the ways we measure success. We believe, by taking Schonfeld’s well-supported conclusions to heart, publishers and librarians can push forward innovations and improvements that will establish an ecosystem that supports a positive researcher experience.

[i] For example: 
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