Research on Libraries in the Developing World (Highlights!)

As many of you are aware, this week is all about National Libraries, a chance to celebrate the value that libraries hold in society, and the amazing work of librarians who facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and learning.

Since our founding 50 years ago, one of SAGE’s core global commitments and beliefs has been to foster healthy minds and cultures through the continued access and availability of scholarship and research. A large part of this mission is our global work with librarians, ensuring equal access for all. Over the years SAGE has, and continues to be, an active partner with several global organisations and initiatives such as: The Journal Donation Project, Research4Life, Book Aid International and the eIFL Foundation.

Most recently, we have been working very closely to support the outreach of librarians in developing world countries through our partnerships with INASP (International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications) and the eIFL Foundation.

So what have we been doing?


  • White Papers: Last year saw the continuation of our joint research as part of our white paper series to better understand librarian challenges in the developing world. In 2013, we launched, Library Value in the Developing-World, followed by an extended case study research piece, Library Value in the Developing-World (August 2014). Forming part of a wider suite of resources that SAGE has developed with global libraries, these reports have been used to better understand the publisher/ librarian relationship and how we can work together to support access to education and understand the challenges that face our global scholarly community.
  • AuthorAid is an INASP initiative which aims to recruit mentors for researchers in the developing world. SAGE has been an active partner of this initiative through the Author Aid 2creation of joint marketing support across our SAGE journals. Following on from this we additionally supported a travel grant which was used to support AuthorAid nominees to authors who have an accepted proposal to present at a conference.

Author Aid





The eIFL foundation supports the wide availability of electronic resources for library users in developing countries by helping to negotiate the creation of library consortia across multiple countries. SAGE has been involved with eIFL for several years, having already established agreements in Palestinian Territories, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Serbia, Slovenia and Macedonia, where eIFL institutions are able to access to SAGE journals (SJ) online and SAGE Research Methods (SRM).

In February we were delighted to announce that we extended our partnership with eIFL to include Cambodia. Read more about this partnership here.

These are just a few of the projects that SAGE is involved with globally to support access to education and our scholarly community. Learn more about our work with our library partners and our collaborative research here.

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