An introduction to SAGE Language Services

sls-logoSAGE is proud to announce the launch of SAGE Language Services, a new online source that provides pre-submission manuscript preparation services that lower obstacles to publication that many authors face.

SAGE Language Services offers four key tools for authors:

Language Editing: This service is designed for authors who need help editing the language and grammar used in their paper. Language editing emphasizes natural grammar and appropriate field-specific terminology to prepare the manuscript for journal review. Language editors strive to preserve the author’s intended meaning and voice; they do not copy-edit to a journal’s style sheet or provide authors guidance on the content or organization of the manuscript. Our language editors are native English speakers who are subject-area experts with advanced degrees from the highest ranked universities in their respective fields.

Translation: We offer academic translation from Portuguese, Spanish, and Chinese into English, as well as translation from English into those languages. Manuscripts are matched to a translator in the author’s subject area who provides an accurate, natural translation of the manuscript.

captureManuscript Formatting: Our formatters check the target journal’s guidelines and format the manuscript’s citations, references, layout, and editable tables to the journal’s style sheet. They also note areas where information is missing, such as missing keywords or author information.

Figure Formatting: Our managing illustrators adjust the size, layout, resolution, and file type of the author’s figures to the preferences of the target journal. They also correct the text in the figures if necessary and adjust figures’ layout and colors to improve legibility and appearance.

You can visit the SAGE Language Services website by clicking here.

Ready to get started? Click here to create an account and submit your manuscript today!

Have a question or simply want more information? Submit your query via email to SAGE Language Services Customer Support at

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