FREE Webinar: Educational Research Methods, powered by Acrobatiq

N14EDRML_Education_Research_Methods_logo_FINALToday, SAGE was excited to announce the launch of Educational Research Methods, powered by Acrobatiq. This online courseware was designed to provide undergraduate and graduate students with a thorough understanding of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods as well as action research.

Educational Research Methods includes the following features:

  • Developed by a team of subject matter experts and Acrobatiq Learning Engineers, the course’s 14 modules cover key topics in education research such as “Planning a Research Study,” “Data Collection,” and “Evaluating Research Studies.”
  • As students progress through the course, student data are collected, analyzed and modeled to The Learning Dashboard™. Faculty can use the Dashboard to quickly assess students’ learning and progress, and adapt instruction to maximize student success.
  • Auto-graded practice with targeted feedback enhances instruction online and works much like a human tutor. Activities such as “Learn By Doing” and “Did I Get This” foster skill development in the context of how it can be applied in research.
  • Synthesis and application activities help students assess their own understanding of core concepts so that they can apply new knowledge to real-world research scenarios.

In light of this new product, we will be hosting an informative webinar on Wednesday, October 15, 12:30PM ET, to walk users through the course and its innovative features.

Howard Lurie of Acrobatiq, Diane McDaniel of SAGE, and Marie Norman of Acatar will share insights on:

  • Improving learning outcomes and saving valuable time
  • Gaining an online tutor through ample auto-graded practice with targeted feedback
  • Measuring students’ learning progress in real time so you can teach to the areas where students are struggling
  • Using The Learning Dashboard™ before, during and after class to teach efficiently and improve learning
  • Benefiting from SAGE’s authoritative content and Acrobatiq’s learning science

Join us for a lively, interactive experience for both students and professors!

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This free, 45-minute webinar will begin with a 20-minute overview of the partnership and course, followed by a 10-15 minute tutorial on how to use The Learning Dashboard.™ The remainder of the webinar will be devoted to your questions and comments.

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