Suggest a symbolic location for free access to Index on Censorship’s Magazine App

Nominate a free speech location for FREE access to the Index on Censorship magazine app!

Deadline: 30 September 2014



Index on Censorship is offering free access to Index on Censorship magazine’s app in important freedom-of-expression locations around the world – and you can decide which location they choose. Suggest a symbolic place – from Speakers’ Corner in London to Egypt’s Tahrir Square – and if Index on Censorship opt for your suggestion, they will unlock the app so readers standing on that spot will get free access.

Download the free taster app today here

What you need to do:

1) Pick a global location that’s associated with free speech or censorship

2) Tweet your nominated location to @Index_Magazine using hashtag #BYPLACE before 30 September 2014. Don’t forget to follow @Index_Magazine if you are not already a follower!

3) The winning location will be announced on 6 October 2014. Free access to Index on Censorship’s Magazine app immediately available for all for one year at that location.

*Winning locations picked by Index on Censorship magazine’s editor
** Free app access available at winning locations until 6 October 2015
*** Information on the Index on Censorship magazine app here

For more information check out Index on Censorship’s website here and get in touch with the editorial team.

Happy Picking!

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