Getting to know some SAGE Librarians Day 2: Kim Hill

As part of our effort to celebrate National Library Week, every day this week, we are showcasing five amazing librarians across the U.S. who are members of the SAGE team. These five wise librarians help us better understand the role of the librarian in the scholarly communication ecosystem, and how we can best meet library needs.

For the second interview of this series, we will meet Kim Hill, former public librarian and currently one of SAGE’s Senior Library Sales Managers since February of this year.

headshot kHCan you tell us a little about yourself?

Native Okie, music fan extraordinaire, lover of food, wine and adventure – not necessarily in that order.   I’ve lived in Mississippi (briefly) and did 10 years on the Upper West Side of Manhattan before buying a 1930’s Tudor Revival cottage in Tulsa, OK.   Now I need to get that unloaded and move on to LA!

How long did you work as a librarian and why did you decide to make the change to publishing?

I started working in the public library during undergrad and decided to get my MLS because it seemed less exhausting than Law School.   After a short stint as an academic reference person and then several years of public library management (branches, departments and finally a small public library in Jersey) I decided that life was for living and it was time for a change!  A NY Times advert appeared, my resume went to Elsevier, and voila – I ended up in academic publishing and have loved it every since!

What’s the biggest difference between your work as a librarian and your work as a publisher?

This will seem funny, but publishing is much more fast-paced.  Made you laugh, huh?   Actually it’s just being part of the private sector and working at a faster clip that suits my personality much better.   I love libraries, and continue to use and support my local public library, but as a lifestyle?  Well, it just wasn’t suited for me.

What career tips would you give your younger self if you could?

Go to Law School.  Just move somewhere and take a job.  Don’t take the safe route – it only slows you down.

The theme for this year’s National Library Week is “Lives Change @ Your Library.” Who has made the biggest impact on your library career?

John Tagler, my former boss at Elsevier and now the VP/Ex Dir of Professional and Scholarly Publishing at the AAP.  He was instrumental in hiring me, teaching me about STM and publishing in general.  He continues to be a friend and mentor to this day.  Since he’s a former librarian himself, I think that counts.

What is one word that your pet, child, or closest friend, would use to describe you?


Make sure to come back tomorrow for the third part of our librarian spotlight series! For more information on what SAGE will be doing for this week, click here.


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