Latin American Perspectives celebrates 4 decades of success

LAPNovember’s issue of Latin American Perspectives (a SAGE journal) marks the publication’s 40th anniversary! To celebrate the journal’s long history, the committee threw a small celebration at the managing editor’s home to honor their hard work and accomplishments.

This 40-year-old journal was conceived at a meeting with more than one hundred progressive Latin Americanists in Madison, Wisconsin who decided to move ahead with the combined efforts of producing a new journal. Under the direction of managing director Ronald Chilcote, the journal’s success can be attributed to a collective effort across the community. The journal’s collective believes that it is only through the efforts of people with diverse perspectives and energy and passion for research that the journal is able to maintain its position as an outlet for unique voices in Latin America.

As the initial production plans were sketched out, the group agreed to a certain set of standards to which the journal would be held. The journal would be Latin American, not North American, and the composition of the content, editorial board, and direction was to be shaped not only by Latin American scholars, but qualified Latin Americans everywhere. Additionally, Chilcote’s objective was to build a strong editorial board that would stand long into the future.

Chilcote remains the journal’s managing director today and has seen the journal accomplish many of its original goals. In a statement regarding the anniversary issue of LAP he stated, “Latin American Perspectives has reached most of its goals after a productive 40 years:  broad participation by Latin Americans, quality material; increased ranking in the citation indexes; expansion of subscription base, including broad distribution and availability of the journal throughout Latin America; translation of manuscripts from Spanish and Portuguese unmatched by other journals; and two book series.”

Congratulations to LAP, Chilcote, and the entire editorial board for 40 years of great work! SAGE is proud to have been a publisher of such a distinguished journal for the past 30 years and looks forward to many more years of success.

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