SAGE India Journal Science, Technology & Society honoured with ‘Charles et Monique Moraze Award’!

Guest post by Aarti David, Head-Marketing, SAGE India

Earlier this month SAGE India Journal, Science Technology & Society, was honoured with the Charles et Monique Moraze Award, a recently established award by the Foundation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, coined in honour of the leading historical work conducted by Charles Moraze, and the work conducted by his wife Monique into better understanding of Independent India.

STS imageSince its foundation, the journal has published leading research into promoting interdisciplinary perspectives, drawing upon a number of science, technology and medicine (STM) disciplines. To be the first laureate of the prize is a distinguished honour for the journal and goes in part to recognize the key work both its editors and authors have done in contributing to the ways in which advances in science and technology influence society and vice versa.

Speaking about the occasion, the journal’s editor, Professor Krishna remarked:

“The award is being given to our journal for the professionalization in the field of science and society studies in the last two decades. Without the help, commitment and dedication of colleagues at SAGE, particularly editors and other colleagues connected with the publication of the journal, this recognition would not have been possible at all. I would like to express my sense of gratitude to each one of our colleagues connected with this journal. Above all, the journal witnessed remarkable academic progress over the years which led to its ranking in the SSCI of Thomson Reuters”.

The Award ceremony was held on 03 December 2013 in Paris. More details on the ceremony can be found here.



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