On the Road with Jim Gilden during Open Access Week

From Jim Gilden, Senior Field Editor

Jim OALast month, I was invited to two Open Access Week presentations to chat about SAGE’s involvement in open access publishing. The first was at the University of Colorado Boulder, where it was a beautiful fall day (see accompanying picture). More than a dozen librarians, faculty, and students attended a presentation by Bob Schatz of BioMed Central and me comparing and contrasting the challenges of a “native OA” publisher vs. a traditional subscription publisher that also publishes OA. A lively discussion followed including themes such as “what value does a publisher add in an era when many individuals and societies are creating their own OA publications?” It gave me the opportunity to explain that in addition to managing peer review, publishers do much more such as managing copyediting, hosting content on quality servers, and ensuring easy discoverability just to name a few.

Click through the slides above to see my PowerPoint about SAGE’s foray into gold OA publishing in the Humanities and the Social Sciences (i.e. SAGE Open).

I then flew to Chicago for a presentation at Northern Illinois University. My talk was scheduled an hour ahead of a lunch and speech by Illinois State Senator Biss, who sponsored legislation that would require public universities in the state of Illinois to adopt OA policies on their campuses. There were probably two dozen attendees, including many library deans from around the state who were at NIU for Senator Biss’ talk that afternoon. The audience was quite engaged as they are all actively considering how to go about implementing this OA legislation on their campuses.

If you have any questions about SAGE’s foray into gold OA publishing, please email open@sagepub.com.

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