Eminent political broadcaster, John Cole dies aged 85

 Last week we heard the sad news that the renowned and influential political broadcaster 600full-john-coleJohn Cole has died. His profound contributions to media coverage and engagement with political debate are well known. In his role as the BBC’s Chief reporter in the 1980’s he was a leading figure in the coverage of the Thatcher era, especially through his leading coverage of several of the era’s major stories including the miner’s strikes and the Brighton bombing.

Speaking of his death the BBC’s current political editor, Nick Robinson said:

“Sad news. The man I learnt so much from, the BBC’s former political editor John Cole, has died. He shaped the way all in my trade do our jobs.”

At SAGE, we feel incredibly privileged to have published some of his editorial work in our journal, British Journalism Review. In honour of John and his eminent career, these pieces will be freely accessible until the end of December. The pieces can be accessed from the links below:

John’s full obituary can be read here on the BBC website.

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