Global Giving and GADRA Education

In 2012, SAGE UK launched Global Giving, a scheme which saw staff from the London office nominate developmental and educational charities and projects in the developing world to receive funding for a specific need. We were delighted to repeat the initiative in 2013 and here, as part of a series of posts on the charities SAGE has supported this year, Jayne Whiffin, Publishing Editor, explains why she nominated GADRA Education and what the money will enable.

logoGADRA Education is a charity close to my heart: I grew up in Grahamstown in South Africa and the Grahamstown and Area District Relief Association was always known for the amazing work they did throughout the area.  GADRA Education has been responsible for transforming the lives of many disadvantaged people throughout the area who, as a result of poor educational opportunities, haven’t been able to get the qualifications they need to find jobs or go to university.  The generous donation of £1,000 SAGE gave the GADRA Matric School this year has benefited five students by providing them with scholarships to return to school and complete their Matriculation – already their results have seen a significant improvement.  Please read on to read about what they have to say about what the opportunity SAGE’s Global Giving programme has given them.

Sisonke Yantola

The opportunity: GADRA Matric School (GMS) is very helpful for me.  My English and other subject results are improving.

Personal goal: In 2014 my goal is to be at university, studying law. In future, I hope to be a lawyer.

Siyasanda Mani

The opportunity: GMS is an opportunity for me, because I didn’t do as well as I hoped to do in matric. It hasn’t only helped me to improve my results, but see my mistakes too.

Personal goal: In 2014 I would like to join a cooking school or the traffic college, but should these not work out then I would like to open my own company.

Sivenathi Mani

The opportunity: The opportunity that the GMS has given me is beyond measure.  It has made me realize that education is a very important key that can unlock many doors.  The school looks very carefully at the wellbeing of their learners.  That alone has been very inspiring and encouraging in a sense that I also have grown into a person that takes care of his education.   It is not only education that is taught at GADRA but also the importance of giving back which has been an eye opener for me as an individual.

Personal goal: In the near future, I would love to further my studies at Rhodes University by doing a degree in Psychology.  Studying human behaviour is one goal that I want to see myself reaching.  I also want to change peoples’ lives and also be recommended or seen as an effective South African humanitarian.

Mzomhle Zonke

The opportunity: GADRA is important to me as it gave me an opportunity to re-do my matric; I didn’t do so well when I did my matric previously.  It also gave me another chance to pursue my dreams again, as I was introduced to a wonderful and dedicated staff of educators.

Personal goal: I want to study further, towards a BA degree and do well, so that I can contribute in the development of our community and our country as a whole, either as an educator or a psychologist.

Mampandlandile Qeqe

The opportunity: GMS has given me a chance to improve my Matric.  Studying this year at GMS has introduced me to quality education. In addition, I have studied a new subject (Religion Studies) as well as a Critical Thinking Skills course. This has enabled me to realize that I have an interest in having debates and solving problems.

Personal goal: I have chosen my career and planned for my future.  My goal is to become an attorney and later to study again, towards a BCom (Accounting). My wishes are to open a law firm that will also have an accounting and auditing division.  I want my firm to support students who want to become attorneys. The firm will also take on probono cases, so that justice can be served.

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Pictured – the students who received scholarships as a result of SAGE’s Global Giving programme:  Back, L-R: Mampandlandile Qeqe, Mzomhle Zonke; Front, L-R: Sisonke Yantola Mpande, Siyasanda Mani, and Sivenathi Mani.

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