To Open Access and Beyond

SAGE and Faculty from Cal State University Channel Islands (CSUCI), discuss the changing trends in academic publishing

Karen T. Carey, Associate Vice President for Arts and Sciences, CSU Channel Islands, Jim Gilden, and Diane McDaniel

Karen T. Carey, Associate Vice President for Arts and Sciences at CSU Channel Islands with SAGE’s Jim Gilden and Diane McDaniel

Earlier this month, Diane McDaniel, Associate Director of SAGE’s College Editorial Program, and Jim Gilden, Editor of SAGE Open sales, led a workshop on trends in higher education scholarly and educational publishing to CSUCI faculty. Diane and Jim discussed the ways that major transformations occurring in higher ed are affecting the publication of scholarly journals and books across the industry. The topics covered ranged from online universities to eBooks to interactive databases to mobile phone-friendly resources, and  this event gave publishers and faculty the opportunity to come together to discuss how their connected worlds are evolving.

Diane McDaniel discussed some of the current and future plans of publishers to navigate the changing needs of students with textbook innovations. “The year 2012 was pivotal in publishing for the college market,” she stated. “Traditional publishers need to accelerate their innovations in order to keep pace with change coming from multiple directions.”

Among those changes for SAGE is the newly-launched MobileStudy, a new textbook MobileStudycompanion tool that uses QR codes to put supplemental materials in students’ pockets.

Diane also discussed with the faculty the giant steps taken by MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) in 2012, and together the group discussed how the growth of MOOCs might affect professors long term.

Jim Gilden’s presentation focused mainly on the evolution of Open Access Journals, explaining the different OA models, the major OA publications out today, and SAGE’s own OA offerings.

The four SAGE Open journals (SAGE Open, SAGE Open Engineering, SAGE Open OA slideMedicine, and SAGE Open Medical Case Reports) are globally-published “Gold” OA journals publishing rigorously peer-reviewed journal articles on Stanford University’s HighWire platform. Once ready for publication, the articles go online immediately making for more rapid publication.

After the presentation concluded, the group took part in a reception in which they discussed plans to engage with more Cal State Faculty in the future in order to keep mutually informed on the impacts of the trends in higher education.

“Here at SAGE, we are committed to the wide dissemination of scholarship and are constantly updating our publishing program to meet the needs of researchers, lecturers, and learners,” stated Jim. “We were delighted to meet with the CSUCI faculty to discuss current trends in higher education publishing and welcome similar opportunities  at other institutions in the future.”

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