National Day of Service Offers Opportunity to Make a Difference

by Lori Hart, Marketing Manager, SAGE US

The first National Day of Service took place the day before President Obama’s first inauguration on the weekend when we celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This year the President is asking Americans again not to just “pause and reflect, but to act” in service this weekend, as reported in his address in Yahoo News. Americans have a rich tradition of giving, superseding what may at times divide us. We were reminded of this in recent months when many heeded the call to help those afflicted by the terrible storms that ravaged a number of states.  The call to volunteer this weekend will reach across the country and propel people to engage with their communities, hopefully not just for a day but beyond as they find their own lives – as well as those they are serving – enriched.

nvsqSAGE believes wholeheartedly in the commitment to serve. To celebrate the National Day of Service and to promote service to others, we invite you to read this week for free the current issue of Nonprofit Voluntary Sector Quarterly, a journal committed to “enhancing our knowledge of nonprofit organizations, philanthropy, and voluntarism by providing cutting-edge research, discussion, and analysis of the field.”

Now it’s time to go serve. Will you make a difference?

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