Explore the development of free speech with the newly launched ‘Free Speech Bites’

The dust has barely had time to settle since guests gathered at the Free Word Centre for the launch of Free Speech Bites, a series exploring the developmentof free speech launched byIndex On Censorship in association with SAGE.

Index  is an influential champion of freedom of expression and these podcasts take this mission one step further by helping to stimulate debate on the concept and practice of free speech. We are extremely proud to support Index in their goal of setting the agenda for free expression in a digital age.

The series is hosted and edited by the celebrated author, podcaster and advocate for free speech Nigel Warburton, who along with David Edmonds also hosts our very our Social Science Bites and their independent project Philosophy Bites.  Featuring authors such as Danny Dorling and Jonathan Haidt and Philip Pettit and John Tomasis respectfully, both series have been incredibly successful. Since its launch earlier this year Social Science Bites has had over 25,000 downloads and Philosophy Bites has achieved a staggering 14m downloads since its launch in 2007.

Following in the footsteps of Social Science Bites and Philosophy Bites in providing thought provoking podcasts with eminent and influential thinkers, Free Speech Bites launches with renowned broadcaster and writer JonathanDimbley. Over the next ten weeks you can expect to hear:

  • Critic and novelist Stephanie Merritt on her free speech icon, renaissance astronomer, mathematician and heretic Giordano Bruno, hero of her bestselling series of novels written under the pseudonym SJ Parris. Bruno was burned at the stake for challenging the beliefs of the church.
  • Burmese poet, comic and musician, Zarganar, who spent years in solitary confinement for satirising his country’s ruling military junta on comedy, art, poetry and the importance of thinking and speaking freely, even under tyranny.
  • Award-winning cartoonist, writer and satirist Martin Rowson on humour, satire and offence, and the cartoonist’s fate of being shot by both sides.
  • Self-described “Muslim refusenik”, feminist author and activist, Irshad Manji, who campaigns for reform in Islam, on where religion and free speech clash.

You can catch the first episode (available with transcript) onhttp://www.indexoncensorship.org/free-speech-bites-podcasts/

I don’t know about you but with a podcast being released every week, this will make my run up to Christmas (and the start of 2013) even more exciting, and productive!

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