SAGE sponsored PACTRIMIS/MSJ 2012 award winners announced

Earlier this month PACTRIMS (Pan-Asian Committee on Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis) and its partner journal MSJ (Multiple Sclerosis Journal), published by SAGE, once again came together for their annual awards at the 5th PACTRIMS in Beijing.  Sponsored by MSJ, the awards highlight the distinguished and critical work that is being carried out by young researchers, in the Asia-Pacific region, into better understanding multiple sclerosis and other inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system.

This year’s recipients were Dr. Shinya Sato for the MSJ/PACTRIMS Award and Dr. Mahtab Ghadiri for the MSJ/PACTRIMS Poster Award 2012.  Both entries demonstrated the highest quality scientific research from the region and had important implications for both practical and scientific application. The abstracts from both entries will be published in the January issue of MSJ.

Since its publication in 1995, MSJ, has provided an authoritative resource for research and treatment information on multiple sclerosis, establishing itself as a global leader in its field. Through our close alignment of values – the dedication to global dissemination of research and the support of young researchers in influential scientific studies, SAGE is delighted to be able to work with MSJ and to help support these awards.

The awards are an important accolade in recognising the critical work of researchers into regional MS studies, and help to support the continued global development of practical scientific application in therapy. We send our congratulations to both Dr. Shinya Sato and Dr. Mahtab Ghadiri.

Please click here to find out more about PACTRIMS, MSJ and the awards.

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