International Political Science Association Award 2012

Prize winners Jørgen Møller and Svend-Erik Skaaning applauded by IPSA Secretary-General Guy Lachapelle (left) and John Meisel (right)

The inaugural Meisel-Laponce Prize was awarded at the International Political Science Association’s World Congress in Madrid on July 10th. The prize, co-sponsored by IPSA and SAGE, was created in honor of John Meisel and Jean Laponce, the first editors of IPSA’s International Political Science Review and two of the leading political scientists of their generation. It honors the authors of the article that the IPSR editorial board judged to be the best published in the journal since the last World Congress in 2009.

The winners of the 2012 Award are Jørgen Møller and Svend-Erik Skaaning of the University of Aarhus for their paper ‘Beyond the Radial Delusion: Conceptualizing and Measuring Democracy and Non-democracy’. The article focuses on ‘defective democracies’ in an attempt to empirically analyze the key factors behind their relative failure. The award was presented to Møller and Skaaning by John Meisel, who made the journey from Canada specifically for the occasion, and who spoke eloquently about his association with IPSA and the launch of IPSR in 1980.

The full short-list of articles considered for the award can be found here and all papers are free-to-access until the end of 2012. The next Meisel-Laponce award will be made at the IPSA World Congress in Istanbul in 2016.

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