SAGE Conferences June 24-30

To all of you authors out there, remember that conferences are a great way to promote your new publication. In fact, promoting your work is our primary reason for exhibiting. For tips on promoting at a conference, click here:

  • June 24-28: ECCM 2012 (Venice, Italy)
  • June 24-28: Society of Toxicologic Pathology Annual Symposium (Boston, MA)
  • June 24-28: Drug Information Association (Philadelphia, PA)
  • June 25-29: ESREL (Helsinki, Finland)
  • June 26-29: National Athletic Trainers Association (St. Louis, MO)
  • June 26-29: BABCP (Leeds, UK)
  • June 28-29: British Educational Studies Association (Manchester, UK)
  • June 28-30: Congress of Qualitative Health Research (Milan, Italy)
  • June 30: Academy of International Business (Washington, DC)

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