Further expansion into Open Access: SAGE develops SAGE Open for medicine and engineering research

We’re delighted to announce we are launching a further three broad-spectrum open access journals  SAGE Open MedicineSAGE Open Medical Case Reports and SAGE Open Engineering.

The new journals build on the success of SAGE Open: the only broad-spectrum open access journal for the humanities and social sciences. Launched in March 2011, the journal has received more than 1000 submissions in its first year of publication.

All three new titles complement our rapidly expanding portfolio in engineering and medicine, providing an even wider choice of publication opportunities for authors:

  • SAGE Open Engineering will be the first broad-spectrum journal dedicated to the field, focussing on all aspects of engineering and materials science.
  • SAGE Open Medical Case Reports will provide a vehicle for the publication for the many short case reports that often do not find a place in traditional primary research journals, but provide key insights into real medical cases essential for physicians, and ultimately help to improve patient outcomes.
  • SAGE Open Medicine will cover all aspects of medicine.  It will welcome articles across the health sciences in the broadest sense, including all clinical medical specialties, veterinary medicine, nursing, allied health and dentistry.

As researchers are looking for new open access outlets for their research, the launch of these three journals demonstrates SAGE’s willingness to embrace new models and research communication mechanisms, with the goal of disseminating vital research to the broadest community. This is core to our company vision: we passionately believe that education is intrinsically valuable, and that the dissemination of usable knowledge is key to building a healthy society.

The journals will be open for submissions later in the summer of 2012. You can find out more about SAGE’s Open Access publishing here.

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