SAGE hits the Hill for Workplace Flexibility

SAGE Hit Capitol Hill for a briefing on workplace flexibility.

Recently SAGE hit Capitol Hill on behalf of the American Academy of Political and Social Science to help raise awareness on the issue of workplace flexibility. The Academy had published a featured issue of The ANNALS around the issue with the lead of editors Kathleen Christensen and Barbara Schneider. Being that workplace flexibility is an issue that impacts all American workers, we weren’t surprised at the response from legislators and their staff.

The Congressional briefing featured Kathleen, Program Director of Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, a leading expert on workplace flexibilityand other industry experts:

From left to right: Hank Jackson, Kathleen Christensen, and John C. Parry, Jr.

Henry G. (Hank) Jackson, President and CEO of Society of Human Resource Management

  • Henry G. (Hank) Jackson, President and CEO of Society of Human Resource Management
  • John C. Parry, Jr., CEO of Solix, Inc., a leading provider of program administration, qualification processing and customer care solutions for government and commercial clients.We’re happy to have had a small hand in bringing more attention to this issue which includes topics such as telecommuting, alternative scheduling, and job sharing. Check out some of the tweets from the event below:@SHRMLobbystLisa: @K_E_Christensen suggests how important#workflex is for all workers, parents, Gen Y, military families, disabled employees, etc. #SHRM

    @SHRMPress: #HR professionals are aligning talent strategies w#workflex strategies, #shrm CEO tells congress#worklife @SolixInc @SloanFoundation

    @SAGE_News: Workplace flexibility is not just a nice thing to do for stressed employees but a business strategy.#workflex from SHRM’s director

    @pgscom: @K_E_Christensen on creating 21st century workplace for 21st Century workforce #workflex goes to #congress

    @SAGE_News: Many US employers suffer from a poverty of creativity in terms of workplace flexibility. -Kathleen c #workflex

    @SAGE_News: No parent should have to choose between being a good parent and a good worker- Kathleen Christensen #workflex

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