SAGE Conferences May 20-26

From libraries, teaching, and research to medicine, psychology, and communication, this spring SAGE has the opportunity to attend conferences covering a wide range of important and interesting topics. This week, you’ll find the SAGE booth at the following conferences:

  • May 20-23: Society for Clinical Trials (Miami, FL)
  • May 20-24: World Soviety of Victimology (The Netherlands)
  • May 21-24: International Assembly for Intelligence Education (Washington, DC)
  • May 22-25: Deutscher Bibliothekartag (Hamburg, Germany)
  • May 23: EBSCO Open Day (London, UK)
  • May 23-24: NASEN Live (Bolton, UK)
  • May 23-25: AMBAC (Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico)
  • May 23-27: International Communication Association (Phoenix, AZ)
  • May 24-25: Methods @ Plymouth (Plymouth, UK)
  • May 24-27: Association for psychological Science (Chicago, IL)
  • May 26-June 2: Canadian Federation of the Humanities and Social Science Congress (Waterloo, Canada)

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