How Successful Schools Work Book Launch a True Success

Jude Bowen, a SAGE Education Publisher, recently attended the launch event for the the book How Successful Schools Work by Rona Tutt and Paul Williams. Here is her perspective on how the event went:

I travelled up to Harrogate over the weekend to launch How Successful Schools Work by Rona Tutt and Paul Williams on Saturday 5th May at the NAHT National Conference. A huge thank you to Sarah Burke in Production for ensuring 50 advance copies were delivered in the nick of time to the conference venue. I set up a table next to the NAHT stand in the foyer and sold the book during the lunch hour and afternoon break. I am delighted to say that I sold out! That’s a first for me at a Book Launch. The authors did a wonderful job of persuading all and sundry to buy a copy, and the icing on the cake was both authors pressing a (free) copy of the book into Michael Gove’s hands as he left the conference venue. I made the authors do this, as I felt it was vital we seized this opportunity! I like to imagine him spending his entire train journey back to London skimming through the text and being moved by the inspirational examples of excellent practice between its covers, but I suspect it’s far more likely he was nose deep in the Saturday papers reading about the election results. Ah well, I can dream.

-Jude Bowen, Publisher

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