SAGE journal articles on Rosemary and LSD making news

by Katie O’Brien, SAGE Media & Social Media Monitoring

Used for centuries, rosemary is an herb that can be utilized in a variety of ways from cooking to helping to soothe muscles but can it also have brain-boosting benefits? A new study published in Therapeutic Advances in Psychopharmacology suggests that it can. Recently, the Huffington Post featured an article, “Rosemary Brain Benefit: Study Shows Link Between Herb Chemical And Brainpower” by Amanda L. Chan, referencing the study which found that rosemary can help to enhance brain performance when a compound in the herb’s oil, 1, 8-cineole is absorbed into the blood.

The Daily Mail, MSNBC and other media took notice of the study and wrote similar articles citing the same research on the brain-boosting benefits of rosemary. Although rosemary has long been thought to enhance cognitive performance, researchers from the study say they were surprised to find that rosemary oil has an effect on the blood, which scientists say was not previously known.

Another recent study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology about the effects LSD can have on several health conditions, garnered some media attention as well. A new article from CBS News titled, “LSD should be considered for alcoholism treatment, study says” by Ryan Jaslow referenced the research from the study, which found that a single dose of LSD can significantly improve a person’s ability to overcome chemical dependencies, specifically alcoholism. WebMD, ABC News and more referenced the same research in articles about this interesting study. SAGE Journal studies never fail to be informative and intriguing so be sure to click on both of the links above to learn more about how rosemary boosts brain power and why researchers believe LSD could be an effective treatment for alcoholism.

Other top media mentions in March for news from journals SAGE publishes:

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