Fancy a game of chess? Volunteering at St Monica’s Primary School in Hoxton, London

Things are heating up this week in the Chess Club tournament at St Monica’s Primary School in Hoxton, London. Michelle is in the lead with 14 points, having not yet lost a match, but Anthony is catching up quickly with 13 points, and the rest of the kids are close on their heels.

SAGE has had a long-standing relationship with St Monica’s school and we run a number of volunteer schemes and fund-raisers throughout the year to support them. Chess Club at St Monica’s started in 2007 after SAGE staff raised funds to buy the school chess sets. Every Thursday lunchtime, volunteers from SAGE visit the school and play with a fabulous group of 9 and 10 year olds. Over the years, the club has proven hugely popular with the kids who love the chance to show off their skills to their SAGE partners. The focus of chess club is on developing concentration, strategic thinking and visualisation skills, and not on who wins or loses (although the victory dances Emanuella and Michelle have come up with are truly something to behold!)

On the 23rd of February, the Chess Club kids will be visiting the SAGE London offices. This is the highlight of the year for them as they get an afternoon out of school and a chance to see where their SAGE partners work. Last year, the boardroom was a big hit with the kids and they did an impressive re-enactment of The Apprentice. We look forward to welcoming them back this year!

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