Inside SAGE…meet Karen Phillips

This week in our series of interviews with employees across the company, we meet Karen Phillips. Karen is Editorial Director in the SAGE London Office.

What is your favourite part of your workday?
Any meeting that involves lots of laughter, whatever time that may be.

How do you see your role playing out SAGE’s vision to support and foster engaged scholarship and education?
As Editorial Director, my input into developing SAGE’s publishing strategy across our journals, books and online products programmes is the central way that I contribute to keeping that vision alive, and maintaining a focus on engaged scholarship as core to our strategies in each area. As executive sponsor for SAGE’s business focus on author initiatives in 2011, again I could input into raising awareness of the importance of our authors and well managed relationships with our authors to our publishing success and our identity as a publisher.
I find the best way for me to keep this vision alive is to get out on the road, to conferences or meetings with authors, where the scholarship of the author, their relationship with us, and the skilful role we play working with them to bring their product to market all come together very clearly.

What’s the most exciting thing happening in publishing right now?
The development of online products, either books online, or new types of product online. It’s exciting because it gives us the opportunity to make academic ideas, or research more widely accessible, and because it offers new revenue generating opportunities.

What is the most interesting object on your desk?
Four brightly coloured, car-shaped rubbers (erasers) which were given by Online Products team members Lettie and Tony from California at a meeting in my room. No-one took their presents with them, so I have the full collection on my desk.

What is your favourite thing to do outside of work?
One of my favourite things is watching Arsenal play football. The Emirates stadium is amazing, the atmosphere can be great, and the football is top class (some of the time). It used to be more exciting when the team was stronger, but I live in hope of  things improving.

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