We’re Mobile Now!

SAGE Journals have been moving to the mobile format in waves and we’re happy to say that we’re all mobile now! SAGE’s entire online journal collection is now available in a mobile-optimized format with the help of HighWire Press’ Mobile Web Interface.

Visitors to one of the more than 640 SAGE journal sites using their iPhones, Androids or other smartphones are automatically redirected to the mobile version. Subscribers can now view content in a format designed specifically for the small screen size and functionality of their mobile device.

Each of SAGE’s mobile journal sites feature the full text content of the current issue (with user authentication), OnlineFirst articles, archives, and tables of contents, in addition to providing simplified search, personalization, and article share options. The mobile sites maintain the look and feel of the full web versions for consistency.

We’re excited to do this because we’ve been seeing more and more access to SAGE content through mobile devices. Do you read any journals on your mobile device? Let us know!

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