SAGE India author, Malini Chib receives President of India’s award for her book

We received some exciting news from our colleagues in India last week. Publicity Manager Aarti David writes…

“Some good news….You will be pleased to know that Malini has got the National Award for her book ‘One Little Finger’ . The President of India gives her the Award on 3rd December, International Day of the Disabled. Thought I’ll share the news with you as it was SAGE who believed in us.” Dr Mithu Alur, Malini Chib’s Mother and SAGE Author

Malini has Cerebral Palsy, a neurological condition similar to adult stroke, which makes body movement and speech extremely difficult. However, the cognitive functions of brain can often remain unimpaired, as in the case of Malini. She recounts her experiences from childhood to adulthood, her struggles with motor skills and speech, managing day-to-day activities, and the apathy and indifference of people towards her and others who are disabled. She educates herself, learns to type with her little finger and speak through the Lightwriter. Finally, she works through unfavourable social systems and attitudes to get a career as an event manager. Read more information about Malini.

From all at SAGE, we send our congratulations on this very deserved award.

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