Getting feedback from the library community: the 2011 London Library Advisory Board meeting

A guest post from UK Group Library Marketing Manager, Mark O’Loughlin

In September SAGE held another stimulating Library Advisory Board Meeting at The British Library. Six librarians attended from the UK and two travelled from Sweden to attend the Meeting. The group consisted of those supporting research services as well as subject and acquisition librarians.

The day consisted of presentations from SAGE on new initiatives and product innovations and a breakout session on the future role of the librarian, but was mostly discussion about issues of particular interest to the librarians present. Key discussion topics were: budgets and the evolution of purchase models; usage and measurement of value; technology, discoverability and search; purchasing and renewals management; electronic resource management; e-books and communication with librarians.

One recurring theme on the day was the need for libraries to demonstrate their worth and value to others within their academic institutions. It is important to get the library embedded in the teaching process as much as possible and for students to understand the important role that libraries play in providing them with the content they need.

As well as being extremely valuable to SAGE attendees to hear direct from librarians about any issues of concern, the Board also find it really useful to hear from other librarians regarding their own experiences. It is important for SAGE and other publishers to work closely with the library community and meetings like this are really useful for getting feedback on plans for future products but also to understand the current environment.

Feedback from the librarians and SAGE staff attending was positive and we look forward to hosting another SAGE Library Advisory Board Meeting in 2012.

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