Almost Halfway to Being Fully Mobile

Have you had a chance to check out one of SAGE’s science, education or medical journals lately? The better question is: Have you had a chance to check them out on your mobile?

SAGE has been adding mobile access to its journals and is now nearly halfway to having all SAGE journals be fully accessible on mobile devices. This means that the sister links, supplemental data files, HTML and pdf pages are all available to those on the goal. The project is not device-native, so you can access these mobile optimized sites through iOs, RIM or Android operating devices.

If you access a SAGE journal from a mobile device, you will automatically be directed to the mobile optimized site. The URLs for SAGE’s new mobile sites will follow their standard URLs with the addition of “m.” after http://. For example, Criminal Justice & Behavior’s standard homepage URL is, so it’s mobile site URL will be sites also have the ability to revert to the look and functionality of the full site, as well.

Check out some of the screen shots from these! We look forward to having all SAGE journal sites mobile optimized over the coming weeks.

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