Entrepreneurial Journalism Lives on

This weekend more than 400 faculty, staff, students, entrepreneurs, and practicing members of the media got together for Journalism Interactive, a conference that helped address the challenges of teaching storytelling when the format of the stories changes nearly daily.  CQ Press, a SAGE imprint, sponsored the event that was hosted by the University of Maryland’s Phillip Merrill College of Journalism.

As someone with a degree in journalism, I was surprised at how much teaching journalism has changed since I was in school. The words “entrepreneurial journalism” were not ones that came up at all in my classes, but seemed to be the topic du jour at this event. Questions (and some answers) to today’s hot questions included: How do students and journalists themselves better direct the innovations that are used to tell stories rather than just techies? What kind of skills do today’s journalists need to better fit into the ever-evolving newsroom? Should business classes be part of the journalism curriculum?

Very fascinating stuff. And besides that, the speakers were so great about sharing online resources that anyone can use to better tell their story. Associations and societies can easily adapt any of these tools to better meet their members needs. Here are a few good ones to check out when you have a few minutes to play around:

Check out the taped sessions and more materials at journalisminteractive.com.
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