A year of Insight

SAGE Insight celebrated its one year anniversary in the summer, and has so far received  over  25,000 views!  SAGE Insight puts the spotlight on research published in the  670 + SAGE journals. The top three articles from the first year were:

What makes Starbucks such a great place to work? A review of the HR policies across the best companies to work for

Examining infidelity: What makes people cheat?

Brains plus beauty don’t add up: objectifying women lowers their math performance

All the articles linked to from SAGE Insight are free to read for a limited period. Both new and from our archives, the articles on SAGE Insight provide a fresh perspective on major issues facing the public and policy makers. The site covers everything from crime to medical practices, from psychology to education.  If it’s a topic that you find interesting, use these articles to spread the debate: write about it on your blog, microblog, or newsletter. Link to us, or suggest an article for inclusion.

Come and take a look at http://sageinsight.wordpress.com/

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