An introduction to SAGE’s newest partner – Which Medical Device

When you think of SAGE, you will typically think about our publishing programmes as books, journals, or reference. We do however have a growing number of online products and services too. We’d like to introduce you to our newest initiative. As of this month, we are now the proud partners on a website called Which Medical Device  –  the only online review site to provide independent, expert opinion and reviews of medical devices. This site enables members to exchange first-hand experience and insights that will help them select devices to optimise patient outcomes.

The Which Medical Device team, l-r Dr Phil Haslam; Mr Craig Gerrand, Mr Steve Walmsley

Launched in 2010, WMD enables medical professionals to search, locate, review and compare medical devices specific to their clinical specialties – from artificial hips to CT scanners. The website was created by interventional radiologist Dr Phil Haslam and orthopaedic surgeon Mr Craig Gerrand, along with their business partner, Steve Walmsley.

Partnering with WMD brings a unique new opportunity to SAGE.  The content of the site is complementary to our own growing STM journals collection, including sections on Cardiology, Orthopaedics and Radiology. We now have an opportunity to further develop our relationships with the practitioner communities and medical device companies, bringing the SAGE brand greater profile in these markets.

For WMD, working with SAGE means that the site will benefit from our commercial sales, marketing and PR expertise, to support its growing international profile. We aim to grow membership to the site, and to make it known as the most respected thought leader in the medical device world.

You can read more, or become a member, by visiting Which Medical Device.

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