Announcing a new journal launch

It is not often these days that we are able to announce the launch of a new journal so we are particularly pleased that SAGE will be launching Public Relations Inquiry, edited by  Jacquie L’Etang, Jordi Xifra and Timothy Coombs, in 2012.

Public Relations Inquiry will be an international, peer-reviewed forum for conceptual, reflexive and critical discussion on public relations. The journal will aim to stimulate new research agendas in the field of public relations through inter-disciplinary engagement and will encompass a broad range of theoretical, empirical and methodological issues in public and organizational communications in diverse cultural contexts.

Our aim with this new journal is to mobilize research that speaks to a range of scholars in diverse fields and we welcome submissions from public relations, media, communications and cultural studies, anthropology, political communication, sociology, political science, strategic studies, law, organizational studies, management and marketing.

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