SAGE celebrates authors at ASA

Authors and editors gather at the Seahorse Lounge in Las Vegas during SAGE's recent reception at ASA.

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the annual conference for the American Sociological Association in Las Vegas. I’m still relatively new to SAGE and to scholarly publishing, so it’s exciting to learn the ins and outs of the different disciplines that SAGE publishes in. We’re lucky enough not only to have a strong standing in sociology for text books, but also  publish the journals of the American Sociological Association. I even got some candid feedback from a sociologist that I shared a cab with who said “Oh you guys do good work” when I mentioned who I worked for.

However, I gave the same answer to my cab riding friend as I do here: SAGE is lucky to have so many talented and passionate people writing and documenting their research for us to print. We’re nothing without authors. And to help celebrate that fact SAGE threw a reception at the Seahorse Lounge in Caesar’s Palace for authors of our books and journal articles, and editors of our journals and reference material. It was a great event and standing room only for the entire hour. Some pictures are below, but a big thank you to my colleagues Erica DeLuca and Dave Repetto for helping set this up.  We look forward to seeing our sociologist friends again next year at ASA in Denver!

Promoting the SAGE brand for journals and books at ASA.

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