Junior fellowship program launched at the SAGE Center for the Study of the mind

The SAGE Center for the Study of the Mind at University of Santa Barbara focuses on a core interdisciplinary and ultimately fascinating area – the human mind.  Under the leadership of Director Michael Gazzaniga, the Center has been highly succeesful at bringing together distinguished fellows from a range of disciplines including psychology, behavioral genetics, developmental biology and control systems.

More recently SAGE funded a program to support exceptional post-doctoral academics for two-year periods in residence at UCSB. The position will be titled SAGE Center Junior Research Fellow. Through these new fellowships, the SAGE Center will foster interdisciplinary research in the study of mind at the postgraduate level. Fellows will be given the opportunity to develop independent research programs in close collaboration with our faculty.

The first class has now been announced and includes Dr. Danielle S. Bassett (University of Cambridge), Dr. Adrian Jaeggi (University of Zurich), Dr. Gary Lewis (University of Edinburgh), and Dr. Fabian Soto (University of Iowa).

We are looking forward to having these new junior fellows visit the SAGE offices during their time at UCSB.

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