SAGE joins Journal Usage Statistics Portal (JUSP)

SAGE recently joined the Journal Usage Statistics Portal (JUSP) to help UK librarians navigate usage data more easily. The portal is a free way for librarians to access consolidated data about how much use their electronic journals are generating. The site was designed to help librarians better compare journals across all publishers.  Or, as JUSP states it much better than I:

“Diminishing budgets must demonstrate value for money, and reliable data is key. Comparative usage statistics help evaluate the impact of e-resources and inform future purchasing decisions. The Journal Usage Statistics Portal (JUSP) provides a “one-stop shop” for libraries to view, download and analyse their usage reports from NESLi2 publishers.”

We are excited to be helping UK higher education librarians by providing our usage data to JUSP for easy access comparison. This will also help demonstrate value to the librarians that determine which journals to carry.

SAGE is extremely pleased to be participating in JUSP. We know the difficulties libraries have in evaluating the value and usage of journals and are happy to be part of a scheme which allows clear, empirical statistics to be available to our customers.

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