Multimedia and usage – a postive correlation

We recently published a wonderful new text: The Multimedia Encyclopedia of Women in Today’s World.  This is the first reference work that we have published containing multimedia and it is a wonderful topic to have started with.  Here is an extract from the introduction:

The close of the first decade of the 21st century is an ideal time to reflect on the status of women in today’s world. Women’s situation in virtually every conceivable arena-from poetry to politics, education to economy-changed more dramatically in the last 100 years than in the preceding 1,000. And, especially since the turn of the millennium, as the pace of new technologies and new information continues to accelerate, so too has the apparent speed of that social and cultural evolution. It is therefore an apt historical moment to mark progress made in so many areas, while at the same time pondering the complex challenges that accompany change, and bearing in mind that change is not always or invariably for the better. This, in a nutshell, is what The Multimedia Encyclopedia of Women in Today’s World is all about.

What is really interesting is the level of usage of this product is already significantly higher than other similar reference texts.  Of course this may be the topic area, but we are definitely seeing increased usage when journals include either podcasts or video.  The Aesthetic Surgery Journal launched last year with video embedded in the articles and this continues to be popular with both authors and readers.  So do get in touch with us if you would like to explore the opportunity for multimedia in your journals.

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