New benefits for SAGE reviewers

We are delighted to announce a new facility to provide free access to our journals to individuals who act as reviewers for SAGE journal articles.

The peer review process is the lynchpin of the scholarly publishing process, and relies heavily on the services of reviewers and expert evaluators of submitted material. We recognise that we rely on the expertise and judgment of a great number of reviewers in refereeing submitted papers, providing feedback and helpful suggestions that ensure our journals publish the highest quality content.

To recognise this contribution, and to thank our reviewers for their input, we have introduced a facility that will offer free access to all SAGE content on the SAGE Journals Online platform for 30 days. Reviewers will be able to register for free access after they have submitted their review.

The scheme was uniformly and enthusiastically welcomed during a trial in May and June, and we are now rolling it out more broadly to all journals. Watch out for further information if you are currently a reviewer for any of our journals.
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