Special issue: Gangs: Group and intergroup dimensions

Guest editors: Jane L. Wood and Howard Giles

From Group Processes & Intergroup Relations

Gangs blight many societies around the globe, yet there is a dearth of social psychological research on the behavior of gangs and their members. This Special Issue on gangs, plugs this research gap and sets an agenda for theoretical and empirical research on the social psychology of gangs. The set of papers focuses specifically on group processes, intergroup relations and social identity, and on communication processes within and between gangs in society. Also included are empirical examinations of how attitudes to formal organized crime groups may nurture pro-gang views, how social networks bridge gang divides, the de-humanization and social dominance association with gang membership, and how membership longevity associates with gang members’ attitudes to their group.

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Article Details
Introduction: Jane L. Wood and Howard Giles
Group and intergroup parameters of gang activities: An introduction and research agenda Group Processes & Intergroup Relations November 2014 17: 704-709, first published on September 12, 2014 doi:10.1177/1368430214548620



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