On SAGE Insight: Why who we are makes a difference

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From Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry

This special edition considers the increasingly ‘technocratic’ world of mental health and social care services. How can robust clinical services be provided that cater to the different levels of difference that clients present? It is a difficult time to belong to a minority ethnic group, especially with current attitudes towards migrants, of Islamophobia, racism and prejudice. All these articles argue in different ways for the importance of beginning from a position of self-reflexivity: being aware how our own culture, class, profession or religious beliefs will constrain our thinking and impact upon our interventions with families and how these will be experienced.  Authors found that each of the articles challenged their ideas and practice.

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Philip Messent and Reenee Singh
Why who we are makes a difference
Clin Child Psychol Psychiatry July 2016 21: 341-343, doi:10.1177/1359104516658596

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