On SAGE Insight: Special Issue: Populism in world politics

Guest Editors: Vedi R Hadiz and Angelos Chryssogelos

From International Political Science Review

The rise of populism has been witnessed in multiple world regions over the last three decades. Consequently, academic research on populism has expanded significantly. This research, however, has focused overwhelmingly on developments in mature capitalist economies and liberal democracies of (Western) Europe, accompanied by a steady growth in the older strand of research into populism in the Americas (particularly Latin America).

This special issue proposed to move beyond this dominant approach in the study of populism, both geographically and analytically. It acknowledges the insights of the dominant comparative approach to the study of populism in advanced democracies – not least recent efforts to initiate cross-regional comparison of populist phenomena. The Special Issue suggests that the proliferation of populist politics beyond Europe and America requires a broadening of the academic agenda on populism. A broader cross-regional perspective is an obvious next step, but the variation of political and social conditions across the globe also implies the need for analytical frameworks that can address historically diverse manifestations of populism.

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Article details
Populism in world politics: A comparative cross-regional perspective
Vedi R Hadiz, Angelos Chryssogelos
First Published September 7, 2017
DOI: 10.1177/0192512117693908
From International Political Science Review





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