Free access to all journals of the Political Studies Association

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By way of marking our new partnership, SAGE are offering all PSA journal articles completely free-to-access until the end of March 2016 including access to the full archive. Click on the links to a selection of recent articles from these cutting edge journals and enjoy your free access today!

Political Studies
Economic Losers, Protestors, Islamophobes or Xenophobes? Predicting Public Support for a Counter-Jihad Movement, Matthew J. Goodwin, David Cutts, and Laurence Janta-Lipinski

Political Studies Review
Contemporary Pragmatist Political Theory: Aims and Practices, Michael Bacon and Clayton Chin

The British Journal of Politics and International Relations (BJPIR)
WTO Judicial Politics and EU Trade Policy: Business Associations as Vessels of Special Interest? Arlo Poletti, Dirk De Bièvre and Marcel Hanegraff

Zombies and IR: A Critical Reading, Erin Hannah and Rorden Wilkinson

Political Insight
Power Shift in the EU? Simon Bulmer

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