The Politics of Securitization

Special issue

From Security Dialogue

This Special issue on The Politics of Securitization contains the following articles.

  • Concepts of politics in securitization studies
  • Security, the translation
  • The politics of securitization and the Muhammad cartoon crisis: A post-structuralist perspective
  • What’s in an act? On security speech acts and little security nothings
  • Science and securitization: Objectivation, the authority of the speaker and mobilization of scientific facts
  • The politics of studying securitization? The Copenhagen School in Turkey
  • Can securitization theory be used in normative analysis? Towards a just securitization theory
  • Designing (de)security: European exceptionalism, Atlantic republicanism and the ‘public sphere’
  • Securitization and the liberalism of fear
  • Politics, security, theory

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