Links between delays in Emergency Medical Services response times and remote residential areas

New and fringe residential development and Emergency Medical Services response times in the United States

From State and Local Government Review

The aim of this study is to determine whether there is a difference between remote suburban and exurban areas and urban areas when it comes to how quickly emergency services respond to a crisis. The American Red Cross warn that delayed emergency medical services (EMS) response times can mean the difference between life and death. Every delayed minute in a medical emergency risks greater damage or at worst the failure to save a life.

This article highlights the debate between antisprawl groups on one side and developers and public choice advocates on the other. The results of this study suggest there is a connection between the built environment and delays inEMS. These findings could help consumers and policymakers make more informed decisions.


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Article details
Lambert, T., & Meyer, P. (2008). New and Fringe Residential Development and Emergency Medical Services Response Times in the United States State and Local Government Review, 40 (2), 115-124 DOI: 10.1177/0160323X0804000205

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