Invaluable British survey gauges the national mood after 3 terms of Labour government

From British Social Attitudes – The 27th Report

The annual British Social Attitudes survey is an indispensable guide to political and social issues in contemporary Britain. This 27th Report delivers the public’s verdict after thirteen years of Labour rule. It shows a nation at a political crossroads. On the one hand attitudes on welfare have hardened to the right. On the other, many think there were marked improvements in health and education under Labour, creating potential resistance to reform or cuts in these areas.

It is twenty years since Margaret Thatcher left office, but public opinion is far closer now to many of her core beliefs than it was then.  Findings show that attitudes have hardened over the last two decade, and are more in favour of cutting benefits and against taxing the better off disproportionately. But just as Blair and Brown incorporated key concepts of Thatcherism into New Labour’s ideology, Britain today is sending a clear message to Cameron and Clegg that it values the investment Labour has made in this country’s core public services.

‘The Rolls Royce of opinion surveys.’ – The Times 

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British Social Attitudes: the 27th Report
Edoted by Alison Park, John Curtice, Elizabeth Clery and Caroline Bryson.
The report or individual chapters can be purchased
ISBN: 978-1-4462-0178-7

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