On SAGE Insight: Online Special Issue: Agnes Heller

Guest Edited by John Rundell

From Thesis Eleven

This online special issue is a collection of papers written by Agnes Heller for Thesis Eleven. These works extend over a period of 35 years and were written in the context of Heller’s migrations from Budapest to Melbourne and then later to New York, before returning to post-Soviet Hungary. The emerging story is one of dissidence, exclusion, expulsion and homecoming as Heller’s migration is framed by experiences of Nazism, Communism and capitalism. This collection therefore brings together Heller’s explorations of modernity, especially political modernity and politics, the human condition and its philosophical anthropology, and the question of homeliness, with particular reference to the issue of politics and culture. Read more…

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John Rundell
Introduction: Agnes Heller: Critical theory, value reflexivity and horizons of modernity
Thesis Eleven, July 2016



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